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The chain friction savings is mostly within the chain surfaces pins, sleeves, inner and outer link plates , the material ratio curves of each component and the interaction between them. The wax is a great barrier to moisture and grit. The chain will perform fine in those conditions but needs to be cleaned more than in dry clean conditions. The time frame for the wax is highly dependent on the weather.

It will last - miles in the worst conditions. Personally - I take the chain off using the Connex link and clean it in a citrus cleaner less smelly and works fine for home cleaning. Then I reapply the wax blend but that is not necessary. You will maintain most of the friction reduction with a high quality lube sold at your LBS.

GreatScott wrote:. Jim EROsports. Post 78 of views. Power meters have been the biggest headache for us since beginning with Alphamantis. We got to the point a few years ago where we use our own Powertap wheel no matter what. I'll take it to Rich at Wheelbuilder every now and then to make sure it's calibration is correct.

It's reliable and also acts as a great speed sensor. Sometimes, though, there's only so much you can do. This video is from a few years ago , but it's a very good age group triathlete with a very good position, and yet his CdA is right around. You can't necessarily see it in the video, but Slater has huge shoulders.

Shoulders are a CdA killer, which you know, but others probably don't realize. Re: Ray Maker - we didn't have time the day he was here, but that is a fit I'd love to work on. He's a big guy, but I didn't like his position at all. It's about getting smaller. Let the wind see as little of you as possible in the best way you can.

Post 79 of views. GreatScott I have added some images of the metal surface before and after treatment.

This shows the difference between our process and other "Optimized Chains". Our surface base metal treatment is a physical change to the chain surfaces. Andrew Coggan. Post 80 of views. If you used a PT hub for the velodrome tests of the Tactical as somewhat implied by the statement in your report that the bike was set up identically as for the wind tunnel tests , then the explanation you provided for the discrepancy in the benefit found under the two conditions is incorrect.

Post 81 of views. Grill, A couple of factors that you might add to the stew: I asked Jim quite plainly what I needed to do during the test to execute the goal of this particular test accurately. I hadn't ridden with Jim in the virtual tunnel on velodrome before and I wanted to deliver on an accurate comparison of the Felt IA10 with the Premier Tactical. He asked me to ride steady, in fact that was the thing he kept coming back to.

I also had to avoid changing positions between the bikes - and I'm not talking set up, the seat height, pad stack and pad reach were the same on both bikes - I'm talking about the body position tweaks that we can all make while we're riding. I wasn't "turtle-ing" or striving in any way - I was just perched on the arm pads and rollin' steady. My morphology is 6'1", , fairly broad shouldered - in terms of road cyclists I'm of the larger verity. And lastly, my fit is so, so, so comfortable: c-t-c on my arm pads is mm, when I settle into the aero-position I can hang there all day like I'm in a crib and I love that.

I've ridden narrower, lower, longer, etc and this is a place I really love and have nurtured. Post 82 of views. Andrew Coggan wrote:. Post 83 of views.

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I need to clarify an issue that has come up with both bike orders and chain orders. We are not currently set up to ship orders outside the US. I am working with individuals on purchases out side the US but there is additional freight and duty on the customers end for international shipments. I'm looking for better alternatives but have not yet found a better solution. In addition, we have been contacted by and are considering a few independent distributors in a few countries that we can ship bikes directly to - from Taiwan - to keep customers costs at the same levels as US customers.

Thanks for all the interest. Post 84 of views.