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This allows for the utmost in heating precision. Please note this model is being phased out and replaced with the new digtial Hybrid model. It also features a minute automatic switch off for added safety.

Temperature ranges for the Digital are degrees Fahrenheit degrees Celsius. The Digit offers a great value with updated features and middle price point. The quality construction of the system is impressive, but it is the vapor quality that really sets the Volcano Vaporizer above the rest. Precise temperature controls and a smart delivery system makes this performance vaporizer the highest quality unit ever built. The precise temperature controls are incredibly accurate, so you can choose the right setting for your material.

Once things start heating up, the balloon will catch the vapors. All that is left to do is remove the balloon from the device and directly inhale. The best part? It takes less than a minute to fill the balloon.

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Volcano vapor is smoother, more flavorful, and more aromatic than your typical vaporizer. And you can easily control the density of the vape by grinding your material a little thicker or finer. See vapor quality user reviews. Balloons are not replaceable, so after heavy use, you'll have to replace them.

It is also important to note that the Easy Valve and Solid Valve parts are not compatible. The Solid Valve is a great long-term choice because you can continue replacing the balloons yourself with the bulk balloon material, or you can use heat-resistant oven bags.

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It is truly customizable. But the Easy Valve will give you the convenience of being able to start vaping right out of the box without having to attach the balloon material yourself. The Easy Valve is just that easy to use. It comes pre-assembled and ready to use right out of the box. This is a great option for people who plan to use their Volcano Vaporizer every day. The only drawback: once the valve can no longer be used, you'll have to replace it.

The Solid Valve is a bit more complicated, but it allows you to customize the balloon size.

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Each box comes with 10ft of balloon material, so you can make them as large or small as you want. The biggest issue with this valve type is that you have to assemble it yourself. For regular users, this learning curve is not a big deal and many users prefer to be able to customize the balloons.

Thanks to the precise temperature controls, the materials never combust. This means you take in pure, flavorful vapor that is more potent and effective than traditional smoking. And because the material never reaches the combustion point, the vapor contains no noxious byproducts or carbon monoxide. And if you're using the vape for medical marijuana, the vapor produced will contain a higher concentration of THC while eliminating the harmful toxins found in traditional smoking methods. Vaporizing, in general, is easier on the lungs because you're never actually inhaling smoke and the toxic by-products of smoke.

With vaping, there is no smell and no smoke. Plus, you'll maximize your herbs and oils. Vaporizing requires less material and extracts the most out of the plant. See complete specs. See all products. Should have bought one a long time ago! This Volcano Hyrbid is great! I should have bought one of these a long time ago!

Price is kinda steep but well worth it in the long run! Read more user reviews. Enhanced Vapor Experience. I am new to vaping CBD and just happened to stumble upon the Volcano. It is a great high quality desktop vaporizer. It fits on the kitchen counter like any other appliance. Banana Bros. High Five Vapes. Refine by. View as. Items Per Page Sort by Featured.

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Add to Wish List. Quick View. Nucleus Glass has a new water pipe that is super sleek for anyone who likes scientific glass. This beaker base water pipe is made from clear scientific glass in Los Angeles, California. Includes a glass slide with rubber grommet for an air tight seal. Grav Labs. The Grav Labs Gravitron is the world's first affordable gravity smoking system. Available in your choice of 11" and 14" height. Nucleus is now conquering the silicone pipe market! With the Silicone Beaker Bong, you get a fully functional, food grade silicone pipe that won't shatter and cleans easily.

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This clear glass beaker bong from Nucleus Glass showcases a unique design to make it stand out in your glass collection. The most noticeable feature of this water pipe is the sharply curved and angled neck, which also provides sweet This straight tube water pipe is a sleek example of clean scientific glass. The thick and clear borosilicate glass and the straight tube design make it durable as well as functional. The design of this pipe is centered around providing My Bud Vase. Just like the goddess herself, the "Aurora" Water Pipe has brought on a new dawn for the already successful family of My Bud Vase products.

As with all My Bud Vase's elegant and unique bongs, "Aurora" is high class glass This 8" beaker water pipe has a turquoise rake design over thick, clean glass. This bong comes with a matching slide.

If you're looking for a great water pipe at an affordable price, this bong is for you! Choose between There aren't many bongs that match the heftiness of this water pipe. Its beaker base, which A great gift for someone's birthday, or even your own treat yo' self , the DankStop Mystery Box is quite the steal.

Silicone Smoking Pipes

Although Nucleus is known for their excellent glass pipes, their new line of food grade silicone products are something to pay attention to. The 10" Silicone Straight Tube Bong has the convenience of a silicone bong with the functionality of Diamond Glass. This 8" Basic Beaker Bong from Diamond Glass has the classic beaker design and is the perfect size for moderate bong rips. The mouthpiece comes in your choice of color: black, blue, teal and topaz. The tube features a black The Silicone Oil Can Bong combines the durability of rubber with the functionality one expects from a glass pipe.

There is a fixed rubber downstem located in the base of the bong. Food grade silicone is also featured in the Nucleus has expanded their exquisite line of pipes by adding the convenience and durability of food grade silicone. The 14" Silicone Straight Tube Bong is made entirely of easy to clean silicone. You can even safely throw it in the With its solid coloring and platinum decals, the 13" Full Color Beaker Bong has a very sleek look.

Down the neck of the pipe, up towards the flared mouthpiece of the bong, is a Nucleus logo in a shiny but Form meets function with this water pipe. This beaker tube from Grav Labs is one elegant and refined piece. Made from super thick glass, this pipe is built to last. It features a clear glass showerhead downstem with a beaker This 16" beaker bong from Grav Labs superbly combines form and function. Made from thick glass, this pipe has amazing durability and is built to last. This bong features a clear glass 18mm to 14mm showerhead downstem with your choice This little beaker is the perfect size for any smoker, allowing for larger or smaller hits, the choice is entirely yours.

The double maria rings on the 14mm male bowl included, provide easy grip when you rip this bong.