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Which you can do using these little pieces of colored paper called coupons. This wisp of air has smelled like vanilla for hours upon end. Posted by Rachael Woodard at PM 4 comments:. Friday, June 13, Johnson and Johnson stuff.. I admit it. My sister has a sickness.

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It was pretty neat. She's gotten over of the smaller first aid kits. The small one doesn't really have much, but it's handy to carry in your car and has a nice plastic carrying case to keep the ketchup and mayo off of our bandages!

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She's going to use these kits in her Christmas packages for the teens in Poland this coming Christmas! Labels: coupons , first aid kids , free , Johnson and Johnson. Wednesday, March 5, Does it ever go away? Oh my.. I 've been itchin' at the bit to go shopping for 7 days now, but to no avail. So, tonight, after packing up supper, I headed out to 3 Winn Dixie's and a Publix, armed with my coupons and a list of what to buy where!

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I didn't dare try to stay in town, since too many of my fellow "smart shoppers" live here, so I headed to the neighboring Winn Dixie, about 12 miles away. Alas, I got a rain check Two, in fact, one for Cadbury's and one for Hershey's kisses. I opted to buy it. Not as great, but I opted to buy only the "very most" needed items at this particular "dinky" Winn Dixie. I was rolling along, pretty happy about then, because I was buying one supper meal setup main dishes, etc. So, I did. By the time the clerk was done with me, she had the other 2 teenagers surrounded around here saying things like, "That's crazy.

She knows me. I got home and had a whole back end of my van full of goodies. Do you think I had ANY trouble getting my boys to unload the van for me? NO WAY! As soon as they saw that it was all stuff that they had either specifically requested or that they knew that we needed or that they liked, they started helping me put it away, even! I have them bring it in and then I put it away, is my usual drill.

So, from p. And I wasn't buying a lot of fluff that we won't use or didn't need just to run it up, so it'd look good for you all! Posted by Rachael Woodard at PM 3 comments:. Please realize that we are not able to double any coupons at all here in Central Florida, so we do regard this kind of savings to be fabulous! I was, indeed, very pleased with this kind of dealings. I bought: 10 Mott's apple juice minis. I left smiling, of course. The clerk was, too. Posted by Rachael Woodard at PM 1 comment:. I just wanted to drop a quick line and let you know that at times you simply can't take time to dig up all the coupons that you really want and need.

However, if you watch your store's sales, you can take advantage of the store sales and make a huge dent in your bills. I bought 14 bottles of Mott's Apple Juice, 2 Gorton's shrimp and 8 bags of Ore-Ida potatoes, and 2 bags of red potatoes. The only things I had coupons for were the Mott's. However, I got my bill down from This is not bad for a basically "unplanned" splurge on everythin g except the Mott's.

I had gone in the store prepared to get the apple juice, but ended up with some great meal "stuff" for the next couple of weeks. However, with 3 teenage boys, one can never have enough french fries. So, get out there. TRY IT. You'll enjoy your savings. The best part is, that with all these fabulous ingredients around the house, you'll WANT to stay home and cook! Older Posts Home.

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Learn everything from how to repair scratches on your car to how to install a kitchen sink to how to draw a cartoon. There's no wading through off-base blog posts or irrelevant articles. The information is from reputable companies, colleges and universities.

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Starfall This one's just too good to be true. Made possible through the vision of the Polis-Schutz family, who created the electronic greeting card company BlueMountain. The graphics, sounds and content at Starfall. The Consumerist Prepare to be entertained and educated about the top consumer issues of the day. At Consumerist. Readers are encouraged to give feedback about their everyday experiences as consumers.

This is the place to complain about things like warranty repairs that never seem to be covered, health insurance claims that are denied and anything else consumer-related.

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Lynda Need software training Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver? Chances are you'll find it at Lynda. Big Huge Labs Imagine having full access to a custom photo lab where you can create photo calendars, jigsaw puzzles, mosaics, trading cards and more—all from your digital photos. That's exactly what you'll find at BigHugeLabs. You'll find fun fonts, unique fonts and handwriting.

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And you'll love the preview feature that lets you see the entire character set or your unique text without having to download first. Many of the fonts over 9,! Fix-It Club These days it seems that more of us are looking for ways to repair rather than replace our appliances, cars, furniture and electronic gadgets. You'll find hundreds of free online guides for fixing everything you can imagine, from sewing machines to fishing poles. BudgetSimple Here's an easy-to-use online budget that will help you figure out how to get your spending on track.

The software was designed to help people get out of debt and encourage saving. Annual Credit Report This is the only place you can get truly free copies of your credit reports—one a year from each of the big three credit reporting agencies. Though your reports will come from the agencies themselves either online or through the mail, your choice , you must enter at AnnualCreditReport.

Stagger your reports so you get one every four months. Then check each one carefully and dispute any information that seems inaccurate.

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Dinkytown Find more than free financial calculators at Dinkytown. Do the math on mortgages, retirement savings and planning, insurance, credit cards and more. Bloomberg The budget calculators at Bloomberg. But what's remarkable are the resulting easy-to-read charts that categorize your expenses and break down your spending so you can see what's up with your finances. Discover America Linked to tourism info for all 50 states, DiscoverAmerica.

An activity finder lists more than 4, experiences, attractions and events such as museums, parks and festivals. Without a doubt, there's something for everyone here.

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Mouse Savers Any website that contains tons of great information, is run by one woman, and gets a lot of visitors 1 million a month is a site that gets my attention. Now throw in the name Disney, and like magic you have a website that holds the keys to "the happiest place on earth! Type keyword s to search.